Book 1: The Arabic Alphabet


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About the product

This book complements Class 1 of the course: The Arabic Alphabet. It is essentially the foundation of the course.

It provides an in depth exploration as to how to correctly pronounce the letters of the Arabic Alphabet, which are spread over 5 major areas, as well as the common errors made and how to avoid them.

Have a look at the Contents Page to see exactly what’s covered.

The book has been diligently designed in a way that complies with our ethos of ‘Personalised, Digestible and Engaging’ delivery. It’s complete with:

  • Thorough notes from the Class. These are written notes from the class explained in a clear and succinct manner. Where there were discussion points in the class, these have been clearly highlighted in the coursebook, with space available to make any additional notes, based on what was discussed in the class.
  • Glossary. A summary of the definitions of the key terms; you can easily refer to these whilst studying.
  • Exercises and Answers. A mixture of multiple choice and written questions to help test and track your progress.
  • Interactive Audios. Where relevant, these will help you in putting the theory into practice.
  • Never Forget to Reflect. As important as it is to perfect our recitation of the Qur’an, it is equally, if not more important to reflect on the treasures hidden in the messages of the Qur’an! Our Qur’anic reflection at the end of the book embodies exactly this!

Even if you don’t wish to sign onto the online class, the book has been designed so it can be used alone.


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