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Personalised. Digestible. EngagingYour Tajweed Journey Starts Here

Assalamualaikum and welcome to SimplyTajweed… a comprehensive platform that aims to make the beautiful science of Tajweed accessible to you, irrespective of your age, proficiency, or first language.


Personalised. Digestible. EngagingOUR ONLINE COURSE IS OUT NOW

Alhamdulillah we feel so blessed to be able to finally unleash our online course and portal. So much work has gone in to making this fully accessible to anyone and everyone! We hope you enjoy it and find it of benefit insha'Allah!


Tajweed revolves around the primary objective of reciting the Qur’an accurately; a goal that we all endeavour to achieve. Unfortunately, there often is the notion that Tajweed is complicated, confusing and sometimes even inaccessible, especially when starting out.

Our mission is precisely to change that!

We’re determined to transform the way Tajweed is taught by teaching it in a manner that’s personalised, digestible and engaging. We’re persistent in preventing factors such as your first language or your recitation ability from acting as barriers to accessing the beautiful science of Tajweed. This ethos has therefore been at the forefront of our minds every step of the way when designing our course as well as each of our coursebooks.

We hope that this comes across when embarking on the SimplyTajweed journey.

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What Do We Do?

A lot! There is so much we do and so much more we want to
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We feel that SimplyTajweed’s potential in educational institutions for children up and down the country is huge. It’d be an absolute dream to roll our initiative out, having been fully established already at one madrassah. Therefore, if you’re part of a madrassah or know of a madrassah that would be interested in our services, you know what to do!


I pray that your journey with SimplyTajweed helps you in reciting the Qur’an with proficiency, but also in increasing your connection with the Qur’an. As the famous hadith goes, I pray that it helps you in your endeavour of making the Qur’an the blossoming spring of your heart and the light of your chest.

Mohammed Saed

Student, Teacher and Founder


Don’t just take our word for it! Have a scroll through these reviews to see what
we’re really about.

The layout of the books is very easy to understand and the exercises are very good to test your knowledge and revise for exams. The book covers many topics and if I have any questions about the lesson I will read through the pages we were covering that lesson and my questions will be answered!

Book Review

After spending time going through this book, it’s bought back SO many memories Alhamdulillah! When I was in Madrassah days studying all about the depth of Tajweed, and although the names/titles were the same. It is SIMPLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE! I remember wishing that I really wanted something like this, but couldn’t find it anywhere!

Book Review

After watching this whole class, I truly understood what the teacher meant by ‘engaging and digestible’! The way the lessons were taught was so much better and simpler than ANY Tajweed I’ve learnt! He also explained things in much more depth than I’d ever learnt. I thoroughly recommend SimplyTajweed to EVERYBODY.

Online Course Student

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