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Who Are We?

It’s time to get to know all about how
SimplyTajweed came about!




Student, Teacher and Founder

I was also a struggling student, just like you might be!

When I first started learning Tajweed, I found that the resources were complex and difficult to navigate. I was very fortunate though, as I had grown up in a family that studied Tajweed Alhamdulillah, so they could support me. But of course, not everybody has this luxury.

When I started teaching Qur'an at a local madrassah 8 years ago, I noticed that Tajweed wasn’t part of the core syllabus. It was evident that my experiences were shared by others. It was also clear that this wasn’t just affecting students; there are adults that feel similarly when it comes to studying Tajweed.

It was upsetting that this essential skill is one that many are anxious of learning, because of various misconceptions that it’s far too complicated, especially for those whose first language isn’t Arabic.

I got asked by one of the teachers at the madrassah to start teaching Tajweed to all the students.

After a short while of teaching Qur'an at the madrassah, one of the teachers (who now has an Ijazah/qualification in Tajweed) asked me to teach Tajweed. I initially found this daunting! This beautiful science was not something that excited the students and I wasn’t sure how I could engage them…

However, I took this opportunity seriously and I saw it as a privilege…a blessing from Allah swt. I wanted to transform the way that Tajweed was taught and teach it in a way that was PERSONALISED, DIGESTIBLE and ENGAGING. This has become our ethos at SimplyTajweed! I hoped that this style would bring people closer to wanting to study Tajweed, as opposed to feeling pushed away.


I designed a syllabus for the madrassah and Alhamdulillah the feedback and engagement was overwhelming.

I developed a comprehensive syllabus for the madrassah which I refined year on year, based on the feedback received from the students. To the left, you can see a picture of a coursebook that I made. As you can tell, my design skills aren’t great! 😂

It's been rewarding to see that Tajweed is now something that the madrassah was proud of teaching to the students, and it was given it's rightful place in the syllabus!

What has been beautiful is the fact that the same teacher who asked me to start teaching has supported me every step of the way, and it's thanks to this teacher that I gained confidence in what I was doing. I then thought to myself: Why stop here?

And so, SimplyTajweed was born!

I felt inspired to release this initiative on a wider scale.

I didn’t just want my local community to benefit, rather, I wanted as many people as possible to benefit, regardless of age, recitation ability or first language.

But then there was another obstacle: We needed to create an online hub for our initiative to reach and inspire as many people as possible. Nearly 3 years later, we’re here! Alhamdulillah. But this is insha’Allah only the start!

If just one individual benefits and finds inspiration from this initiative, then Alhamdulillah. That will suffice! 🙂🤲

So, what are you waiting for!

Feel free to explore our website. Check out our online interactive course as well as the coursebooks. If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to get in touch: We’d love to hear it!

I pray Allah swt rewards you for all your efforts on every single step of your journey!

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What does this mean
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A lot! There is so much we do and so much more we want to
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Don’t just take our word for it! Have a scroll through these reviews to see what
we’re really about.

The layout of the books is very easy to understand and the exercises are very good to test your knowledge and revise for exams. The book covers many topics and if I have any questions about the lesson I will read through the pages we were covering that lesson and my questions will be answered!

Book Review

After spending time going through this book, it’s bought back SO many memories Alhamdulillah! When I was in Madrassah days studying all about the depth of Tajweed, and although the names/titles were the same. It is SIMPLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE! I remember wishing that I really wanted something like this, but couldn’t find it anywhere!

Book Review

After watching this whole class, I truly understood what the teacher meant by ‘engaging and digestible’! The way the lessons were taught was so much better and simpler than ANY Tajweed I’ve learnt! He also explained things in much more depth than I’d ever learnt. I thoroughly recommend SimplyTajweed to EVERYBODY.

Online Course Student

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