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We want to bring SimplyTajweed directly to

Our Vision

We feel that SimplyTajweed’s potential in educational institutions for children up and down the country is huge. It’d be an absolute dream to roll our initiative out, having been fully established already at one madrassah.

What’s in it for
your students’

In the past 2 years prior to our hard launch, we’ve been so overwhelmed with the the positive feedback from our students. They seem to really appreciate the digestible nature of the course and the unique structure and design, which has made it truly engaging and accessible.
Have a flick through our feedback section to see for yourself the reviews we have received Alhamdulillah!

What’s in it for
your madrassah

From experience, we genuinely think that it is rare to find a madrassah that has such a streamlined, structured and engaging Tajweed syllabus fit for young children and one that is complete with lesson plans, accompanying coursebooks and audios, exams as well as other perks. This is exactly why we want to reach out to as many madrassahs as possible. Whatever your madrassah requires, we’ll put our utmost effort to tailor our SimplyTajweed services for you and for your students.

Madrassahs we
have worked with

Alhamdulillah since our soft launch, we’ve been fully established now for nearly 2
years at one madrassah. Check out the reviews from the Principal and Tajweed
teacher at this madrassah!

Interested in a
partnership with

If you’re part of a team at your madrassah or know of a madrassah
that would be interested in a partnership with us, please complete
this form. We will get back to you as soon as possible insha’Allah.

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Every single message we receive is replied to with love. There’s always a member of our friendly
team waiting to help in any way possible! So let us know what you need, and we’ll do our best to

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