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Our Course

At SimplyTajweed, we believe it’s essential that whoever embarks on their Tajweed
journey feels fully supported every step of the way. We also recognise that every
individual will study in their own unique way. And so, when designing the course, our
ambition was to ensure that it’s truly comprehensive and diverse… one that every
student feels at ease with and enthused by!

Online Interactive Course

The SimplyTajweed course consists of 5 comprehensive classes. Each class is divided into a series of short digestible lessons averaging 10 minutes. That’s because we believe that it’s essential that you learn Tajweed at your own pace. Each Class also contains various discussion points which aim to maximise engagement and interactivity. You will see that we have also specifically designed our portal in a way that further encourages this!

The entire course is taught in line with the recitation of the Quran by Hafs ‘An ‘Asim by the way of Shatibiyyah.

All classes should be taken in chronological order as the preceding class is a prerequisite for the following class.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Have a scroll through these reviews to see what
we’re really about.

The layout of the books is very easy to understand and the exercises are very good to test your knowledge and revise for exams. The book covers many topics and if I have any questions about the lesson I will read through the pages we were covering that lesson and my questions will be answered!

Book Review

After spending time going through this book, it’s bought back SO many memories Alhamdulillah! When I was in Madrassah days studying all about the depth of Tajweed, and although the names/titles were the same. It is SIMPLE AND UNDERSTANDABLE! I remember wishing that I really wanted something like this, but couldn’t find it anywhere!

Book Review

After watching this whole class, I truly understood what the teacher meant by ‘engaging and digestible’! The way the lessons were taught was so much better and simpler than ANY Tajweed I’ve learnt! He also explained things in much more depth than I’d ever learnt. I thoroughly recommend SimplyTajweed to EVERYBODY.

Online Course Student